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Do you like food and sex? When you work for a London escorts agency, you soon learn that there is a link between food and sex. Both men and women like to play with food when they have sex. Of course, there are some foods that are more popular than others. If you ask girls from London escorts, they probably have all different preferences when it comes to playing with food. One of my best friends at affordable escorts, thinks that ice cream is the best way to have fun with food. Would you like to know more about it? 

Are all flavours of ice-cream safe to use? Obviously, if you have a food allergy, it is best not to play with a certain flavour of ice-cream. Fortunately, most London escorts do not suffer from food allergies. The most common allergies associate with ice-cream are chocolate and peanuts. It is best to stay away from ice-creams containing known allergens. Anyway, that is what the girls at London escorts do. You will not find many London escorts who have got peanuts in their handbags.  

Should you insert ice-cream into your body? There are some London escorts who get really turned on when something cold is inserted into their bodies. That does not mean the average person should try it at home. It can lead to sensitive soft tissues becoming damaged. That can in turn lead to infections. Unless you are used to doing so on a regular basis, it is best to be very careful with the way you play with ice-cream and other cold objects. For instance, it is not necessarily safe to put your sex toys in the fridge.  

Smearing ice-cream on your body is a sensual experience for some people. If you are worried about the amount of calories in ice-cream, you can try a low-fat ice cream or a frozen yogurt. You will find that almost all London escorts like to look after their figures and watch their diets very carefully. Remember that ice-cream melts very quickly. Before you start playing with ice-cream, it is always best to make sure that it has come straight from the freezer.  

What are the alternatives to playing with ice-cream? Not all London escorts are into ice-cream, The girls at London escorts who are not into ice-cream still like to play with food. Good alternatives to ice-cream include cream and Marmite. Marmite may not be to everyone’s taste, and if you are a vegan, you may not be able to play with ordinary Marmite.

Fortunately, there is a vegetarian version of Marmite so you can try that. Never smear any food play items on sex toys. That is simply not safe and can cause nasty infections. Needless to say, you don’t want to end up in emergency explaining what you have been up to. That would be kind of embarrassing and you may find yourself having to answer some very awkward questions.

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