I know that I am probably asking a lot, but I would like my boyfriend to be more romantic. Yes, I know that I should really count my blessings. Unlike many of my London escorts colleagues, at least I have a boyfriend. That is something that most cheap London escorts at our escort agency in London can’t say. It is not easy to hang onto a boyfriend when you work as an escort in London. Guys don’t normally put up with London escorts rather erratic lifestyles.  

Then again, perhaps I expect too much of our relationship. Along with other London escorts, I have this romantic notion what a relationship should be about when it comes down to it. All London escorts are just normal girls at heart and love to receive flowers and small gifts. Unfortunately that is something that my boyfriend has not got the hang of at all. As far as I can remember, he has never bought me flowers or even a sweet romantic gift. He did get me a nice birthday present but it was not a surprise. Instead, he bough exactly what I had asked for.  

Do men find it difficult to think outside of the box when it comes to romance? Not all men find it hard to come up with romantic ideas. I have met plenty of men during my London escorts career who have been very romantic. There are men out there who think of their favorite London escorts as their girlfriends. Perhaps it is a fantasy that they have, but I do think that there men who make a real effort to be romantic. But then again, you get guys like my boyfriend who simply don’t seem to be comfortable being romantic.  

What can be do when your boyfriend is not romantic? It is not easy to get a guy to be romantic, but I do try. For instance, I often buy him nice little cards that I put in his coat pocket or cook him his favorite meals. Also, I try to decorate the dinner table in a romantic way with a few flowers and candles. I am not sure that he picks up on that as he has never said that it looks nice. Instead he just sits down and eats his dinner. I am sure that most other women and other London escorts find the same thing when it comes to their boyfriends and partners. 

Romance if an important factor in our lives, but we must have time for it. I am sure that there are many men out there who have never really learned to be romantic. They did not see their fathers being romantic with their mothers hence why they are not romantic with their girlfriends. But, romance is important and is the best way to get your girlfriend’s heart to beat faster. When one of my favorite London escorts clients bring me flowers, my heart always start to bit a little bit faster. Maybe that is why so many London escorts are single. They prefer to have romantic interludes with the guys they date instead of enjoying a bit of romance with their boyfriends.  

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